Kibana 6.1.1edit

Bug Fixesedit

Machine Learning
  • Removed incorrect job group information from the URL when linking to the results page after job creation.
  • Fixed bug related to cloning jobs that do not have datafeeds.
  • Fixed issues with the first and last buckets in the Anomaly Explorer swimlanes and in the Single Metric Viewer charts.
  • Allow pasting into index pattern field using keyboard shortcut #15500
  • Typing a CCS pattern into the index pattern field no longer triggers an error #15372
  • Bump node.js version to 6.12.2 #15612
  • Kibana indices are no longer flagged as out-of-date just because they include _default_ #15432
  • Resolved issue with the preserve layout option occasionally causing Chromium to crash when it was given partial pixels for the viewport.
  • Disable math aggregation in Time Series Visual Builder #15653
  • Bucket paths for overall aggregations now use syntax compatible with Elasticsearch 6+ #15322
  • Removed error messages that were appearing when you created an email action for a watch without a body or subject. For more information, see Email Action.