Known Pluginsedit

Plugin compatibility

The Kibana plugin interfaces are in a state of constant development. We cannot provide backwards compatibility for plugins due to the high rate of change. Kibana enforces that the installed plugins match the version of Kibana itself. Plugin developers will have to release a new version of their plugin for each new Kibana release as a result.

This list of plugins is not guaranteed to work on your version of Kibana. Instead, these are plugins that were known to work at some point with Kibana 5.x. The Kibana installer will reject any plugins that haven’t been published for your specific version of Kibana.


  • X-Pack - security, monitoring, reporting, alerts, graph


  • LogTrail - View, analyze, search and tail log events in realtime with a developer/sysadmin friendly interface
  • Own Home (wtakase) - enables multi-tenancy
  • Shard Allocation (asileon) - visualize elasticsearch shard allocation
  • Conveyor - Simple (GUI) interface for importing data into Elasticsearch.
  • Indices View - View indices related information.
  • Analyze UI (johtani) - UI for elasticsearch _analyze API

Timelion Extensionsedit

  • mathlion (fermiumlabs) - enables equation parsing and advanced math under Timelion



  • Time picker as a dashboard panel Widget to view and edit the time range from within dashboards.
  • Notification Center (sw-jung) - for better experience of notifier toasts.
  • Kibana-API (webiks) Exposes an API with Kibana functionality. Use it to create, edit and embed visualizations, and also to search inside an embedded dashboard.
  • Markdown Doc View (sw-jung) - A plugin for custom doc view using markdown+handlebars template.
  • Nested Field Support (ppadovani) - Adds nested field/document support to Kibana.

If you want your plugin to be added to this page, open a pull request.