Building a Dashboardedit

  1. In the side navigation, click Dashboard.
  2. Click Create new dashboard.
  3. Click Add.
  4. To add a visualization, select its name from the list of visualizations or click Add new visualization to create one. If you have a large number of visualizations, you can filter the list.

    Example add visualization to dashboard

  5. To add a saved search, click the Saved Search tab, and then select a name from the list.
  6. When you’re finished adding and arranging the dashboard content, go to the menu bar, click Save, and enter a name. Optionally, you can store the time period specified in the time filter by selecting Store time with dashboard.

By default, Kibana dashboards use a light color theme. To use a dark color theme, click Options and select Use dark theme. To set the dark theme as the default, go to Management > Advanced Settings and set dashboard:defaultDarkTheme to On.

You can import, export, and delete dashboards in Kibana > Management > Saved Objects > Dashboards.