Deprecated Report URLsedit

The following is deprecated in 6.0, and you should now use Kibana to get the URL for a particular report.

You may request PDF reports through three X-Pack reporting endpoints:

  • Dashboard Reports: /api/reporting/generate/dashboard/<dashboard-id>
  • Visualization Reports: /api/reporting/generate/visualization/<visualization-id>
  • Saved Search Reports: /api/reporting/generate/search/<saved-search-id>

Previously there was a &sync parameter appended to generation URLs which would hold the request open until the document was fully generated. This feature has been removed. Existing use of the &sync parameter, in Watcher for example, will need to be updated.

To specify the time period you want to include in the report, you use the _g parameter in the request. For example:,mode:quick,to:now-1d%2Fd))