Kibana 5.4.2edit

Bug Fixesedit

  • [Fix for #12121] Update dashboard based on url changes #12123

    • We fixed a bug where certain modifications made directly to the dashboard url, such as changing panel sizes and modifying the query, failed to update dashboard without a hard refresh.
  • [Fix for #11925] [context view] Use _doc for tie-breaking instead of _uid #12096

    • To avoid filling up Elasticsearch’s fielddata cache by sorting on the _uid field in the context view, the field _doc is now used as a tiebreaker by default. The field to be used can now be configured using the context:tieBreakingFields advanced setting.
  • [Fix for #11982] Fixed point series label ids #12065
  • [Fix for #12000] Hid the last bucket error when switching from parent pipeline agg #12066