Kibana 5.2.1edit

Security Fixesedit

When previous versions of Kibana 5 are configured for SSL client access, file descriptors will fail to be cleaned up after certain requests and will accumulate over time until the process crashes. Requests that are canceled before data is sent can also crash the process.
ESA-2017-02 (#10225)

Bug Fixesedit

  • Bump Node.js to version 6.9.5. This was a low severity security release for Node.js, which has minimal impact to Kibana, but is still worth upgrading. #10135
  • Prevented a background action that was causing unnecessary CPU cycles #10036
  • Delete button for color formatters no longer overlaps format dropdown #8864
  • Fixed regression where certain visualizations were being limited to 25 series #10132
  • Fixed typo on a tag cloud warning message #10092
  • Fixed a bug where data table visualizations would incorrectly appear empty in certain circumstances #9757