5.5.1 Release Notesedit

Also see Breaking changes in 5.0.

Security fixedit

Kibana Node.js security flaw (ESA-2017-14 #12776)
The version of Node.js shipped in all versions of Kibana prior to 5.5.1 contains a Denial of Service flaw in it’s HashTable random seed. This flaw could allow a remote attacker to consume resources within Node.js preventing Kibana from servicing requests.


  • Display regionmap attribution #12647

Bug fixesedit

  • [Fix for #12738] [UI Framework] Update LocalNav layout to fix menu button hover state. #12739
  • Bump node.js to version 6.11.1 #12776
  • [Fix for #10546] Update regex used to detect IE for long length warnings #12617
  • [Fix for #12692] Make filter editor suggestions opt-in #12710
  • [Fix for #12627] do not allow registration of undefined indexpatterns in dashboard state #12628
  • [Fix for #12645] fixing point series chart margins #12663
  • [Fix for #11954] removing old point series defaults #11958