Panel Settingsedit

These are options that apply to the entire chart and not just the individual data series.

Common optionsedit

Legend Position
Move your legend to the left, right, top or bottom
Show Tooltip
Enables or disables the display of tooltip on hovering over chart objects
Current Time Marker
Show a line indicating the current time

Grid optionsedit

You can enable grid on the chart. By default grid is displayed on the category axis only.

You can disable the display of grid lines on category axis
You can choose on which (if any) of the value axes you want to display grid lines

Viewing Detailed Informationedit

To display the raw data behind the visualization, click the bar at the bottom of the container. Tabs with detailed information about the raw data replace the visualization:

TableA representation of the underlying data, presented as a paginated data grid. You can sort the items in the table by clicking on the table headers at the top of each column.

RequestThe raw request used to query the server, presented in JSON format.

ResponseThe raw response from the server, presented in JSON format.

StatisticsA summary of the statistics related to the request and the response, presented as a data grid. The data grid includes the query duration, the request duration, the total number of records found on the server, and the index pattern used to make the query.

To export the raw data behind the visualization as a comma-separated-values (CSV) file, click on either the Raw or Formatted links at the bottom of any of the detailed information tabs. A raw export contains the data as it is stored in Elasticsearch. A formatted export contains the results of any applicable Kibana field formatters.