5.3.0 Release Notesedit

Also see Breaking changes in 5.0.


  • Native confirmation modals have been replaced by more flexible and aesthetically pleasing custom modals #9859
Dev Tools
  • Deprecation headers from Elasticsearch are now rendered above responses in Console #9874
  • Add content-type when using copy-as-curl feature in Console #10086
  • Adding autocomplete rules for ingest APIs for Console #10098
  • Set multi-line json content type to application/x-ndjson for requests through Console #10201
  • Improved Dashboard landing page #10003
  • Reduced number of clicks necessary to add a visualization to a dashboard #9554
  • Ability to temporarily expand a visualization to the size of the full dashboard #9666
  • Improved performance on dashboard by making fewer HTTP requests and caching some of the results #10081
  • Improve highlighting by using highlight_query with all_fields enabled #9671
  • Click to filter values directly from doc tables #9989
  • Default index pattern is now configurable in Advanced Settings #6453
  • Improved usability of index pattern creation form #9991
  • Title fields now appear at the top of saved object forms #9992
  • Scroll-to-top link at the bottom of certain paginated tables #9997
  • Support for configuring SSL key passphrases, certificate authorities, supported protocols, and cipher suites #9823
  • Ability to step forward or backward in time via timepicker controls #9253
  • Close timepicker when a filter/interval is selected #9618
  • Improved Visualize landing page #9605
  • Support for top_hits metric aggregation #7302

Bug fixesedit

  • Offline plugin install on Windows now properly supports 3 slashes #10083
  • Doc tables are now scrollable again in FireFox #10592
  • Fix highlight config so it doesn’t require a refresh to apply #10346
  • Empty lines in saved search now has proper background color on dark theme #10167
  • Clicking fields with periods in the data no longer triggers an error in Discover #9825
  • Existing filters are now updated when negated via data tables #10778
  • Unknown types are now handled more gracefully when importing saved objects #10666
  • Auto-filtering of fields in index pattern no longer has false-misses in certain circumstances #10089
  • Blank rows no longer appear at the bottom of index pattern tables #9814
  • Tooltip is properly hidden when "show tooltip" checkbox is selected on tilemaps #10260
  • Selecting median metric no longer clears order-by #9787
  • 0 (zero) is now properly allowed for minimum Y-Axis extent #10528


  • Multiple SSL configurations have been renamed and will now trigger a deprecation notice in logs. The old configurations will continue to work until 6.0. #9823