5.1.1 Release Notesedit

Also see Breaking changes in 5.0.


  • Improved rendering performance and responsiveness across the whole product #7929
  • Improved CPU usage when the progress indicator is present #8842
  • New loading screen #8970
  • Improved rendering performance on Discover app with large numbers of fields #9014
  • Allow more than match queries in custom filters #8614
  • Ability to exclude specific source fields for an index pattern #7402
  • Conflicting field types of an index pattern are now visually flagged in index pattern management #7990
  • Color formatter for string fields #8597
  • Histogram interval now supports decimal #8566
  • Advanced setting for opacity when for point-series charts #8448
  • Advanced setting to ignore filters if index does not contain field #8181
  • Tag Cloud visualization #8104
  • Brush can now be used to select a subsection of a histogram #9039
  • Ability to select legend position for tile map visualizations #8176

Bug fixesedit

  • Plugin install will now fire EPERM errors in Windows less frequently #9260
  • Console now autocompletes indexes #8557
  • Fix bug where the loading indicator was wider than the screen #8854
  • Dashboard no longer set to dirty on load in some situations #9307
  • Field visualize button no longer loads incorrect URL in some situations #8721
  • Sorting on scripted date or boolean fields no longer triggers an error #9261
  • Painless scripted fields are now wrapped in a lambda so more complex scripts are possible #9171
  • Correctly renders error when scripted field languages fail to load #8639
  • Downgrade EPIPE errors to debug level #9023
  • The "new" action no longer requires two clicks #8815
  • Secondary y-axis no longer removes config on first axis #9197
  • Correct padding for Timelion title #8919
  • Bar graph order is now correct with double split terms #8397
  • Proper handling of small slices in pie chart #8986
  • Fix label on scripted field date histograms #8638
  • UTF-8 charset when exporting aggregate tables #8662
  • Fixed various typos in visualization descriptions #8943
  • Toggling spy panel no longer throws an error #8877
  • Fullscreen spy panel is no longer cut off #8844
  • Remove scripted fields from significant terms since they are unsupported #8734