Installing Kibanaedit

Kibana is provided in the following package formats:


The tar.gz packages are provided for installation on Linux and Darwin and are the easiest choice for getting started with Kibana.

The zip package is the only supported package for Windows.

Install Kibana with .tar.gz or Install Kibana on Windows


The deb package is suitable for Debian, Ubuntu, and other Debian-based systems. Debian packages may be downloaded from the Elastic website or from our Debian repository.

Install Kibana with Debian Package


The rpm package is suitable for installation on Red Hat, Centos, SLES, OpenSuSE and other RPM-based systems. RPMs may be downloaded from the Elastic website or from our RPM repository.

Install Kibana with RPM


An image is available for running Kibana as a Docker container. It ships with X-Pack pre-installed and is available from the Elastic Docker registry.

Running Kibana on Docker

If your Elasticsearch installation is protected by X-Pack Security see Using Kibana with X-Pack Security for additional setup instructions.