Kibana 4.6 Release Notesedit

The 4.6 release of Kibana requires Elasticsearch 2.4 or later.


Bug Fixesedit

  • Issue 8141: Fixed fatal error when viewing aggregations that are sorted by term [4.6.1] Added in 4.6.1.
  • Pull Request 8152: The kbn-xsrf header can not be used instead of kbn-version [4.6.1] Added in 4.6.1.
  • Pull Request 7457: Plugins now have a home for their data
  • Issue 8090: Fixed blank notifications that were appearing in plugin apps like Sense
  • Issue 8060: In some circumstances, Visualization editor controls would collapse after applying updates. They will now remain expanded
  • Pull Request 7422: Better cleanup on package removal
  • Issue 7590: Fixed logging for package installs using SysV
  • Pull Request 7431: A more accurate description for the Kibana service


  • Issue 6833: Ability to sort a terms aggregation by ascending count will be removed in a future version of Elasticsearch