What’s New in Kibana 4.1edit

Key Featuresedit

  • Pull Request 2518: You can pin filters to make the filter persist across Kibana functionality, from the Visualize tab to Discover to a Dashboard.
  • Pull Request 2731: Field formatting options now supported in Settings.
  • Pull Request 3154: New chart: Bubble chart, derived from the basic line chart.
  • Pull Request 3212: You can now install Kibana on Linux with a package manager such as apt-get.
  • Pull Request 3271 and 3262: New aggregations: IPv4 and Date range aggregations enable you to specify buckets for these qualities.
  • Pull Request 3290: You can select a time interval for the Discover display of time series data.
  • Pull Request 3470: New metric: Percentile ranks.
  • Pull Request 3573: Kibana objects (visualizations, dashboards, and searches) can be imported and exported.
  • Pull Request 3830: New chart: Heatmap, a tile map display variant.


Kibana 4.1.4edit

  • Fixes XSS vulnerability (CVE pending) - Thanks to Vladimir Ivanov for responsibly reporting.
  • Pull Request 5418: Fixes fatal error in Firefox when attempting to overwrite an index pattern.
  • Pull Request 5509: Prevents exception on discover panel when using non-time-based patterns.
  • Pull Request 5576: Improves Elasticsearch version verification.
  • Pull Request 5639: Fixes xsrf-token-related fatal error when server restarts.