Getting Startededit

This getting started guide walks you through installing Graph and using the Graph Kibana app to discover meaninful connections between terms.

To install Graph:

  1. Run bin/plugin install from ES_HOME to install the License plugin:

    bin/plugin install license

    You need to install the License and Graph plugins on each node in your cluster.

  2. Run bin/plugin install to install the Graph plugin.

    bin/plugin install graph

    If you are using a DEB/RPM distribution of Elasticsearch, run the installation with superuser permissions. To perform an offline installation, download the Graph binaries.

  3. Start Elasticsearch.

  4. Install the Graph UI plugin into Kibana by running bin/kibana plugin in your Kibana installation directory. If you need to install Kibana, see Getting Kibana Up and Running.

    bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/graph/latest
  5. Start Kibana by running bin/kibana.
  6. To verify your Graph installation, point your web browser at http://localhost:5601/ to open Kibana, click the App Switcher icon in the Kibana menu bar, and select Graph.

    Accessing Graph