Fleet and Elastic Agent 8.2.0edit

Review important information about the Fleet and Elastic Agent 8.2.0 release.

Breaking changesedit

There are no breaking changes for Fleet or Elastic Agent in this release.

Known issuesedit

During package upgrade, legacy component templates are not removed


In 8.2.0, when you upgrade an existing package, legacy @settings and @mappings component templates are not removed. These templates are deprecated in favor of the new @package component template.


The legacy templates do not cause issues, but you might want to deleted them because they are no longer used.

To find and delete legacy component templates:

  1. In Kibana, go to Stack Management > Index Management and click Component Templates.
  2. Click Not in use to filter out component templates that are still in use.
  3. If the list contains component templates that end in @mappings or @settings, use the Actions menu to delete them.


  • [beta] This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The design and code is less mature than official GA features and is being provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features. Add a Logstash output type to Fleet settings. #104987
  • Merge the settings and mappings component templates into @package. #128498
  • Redesign the agent flyout. #128381
  • Add a link from agent details page to agent dashboard. #127882
  • Update add agent instructions in Fleet-managed mode for Kubernetes. #127703
  • Add time_series_metric mapping for metric_type package field. #126322
  • Add support for dimension field. #126257
  • Move mappings from index template to component template. #124013
Elastic Agent
  • Update ACK response schema and processing; add retrier for ACKs. #200
  • Enhance error messages and logs for process start. #225
  • Change the default policy selection logic. When the agent has no policy ID or name defined, it will fall back to defaults (defined by $FLEET_SERVER_POLICY_ID and $FLEET_DEFAULT_TOKEN_POLICY_NAME environment variables respectively). #226
  • Add Elastic APM instrumentation. #180
  • Agent can be built for darwin/arm64. When it’s built for both darwin/arm64 and darwin/adm64 a universal binary is also built and packaged. #203
  • Add support for CloudBeat. #179
  • Fix download verification in snapshot builds. #252
  • Add support for Kubernetes CronJobs. #279

Bug fixesedit

  • There are no bug fixes for Fleet in this release.
Elastic Agent
  • Move context cancelled error from Fleet gateway into debug level. #187
  • Update library containerd to 1.5.10. #186
  • Add fleet-server to output of elastic-agent inspect output command (and diagnostic bundle). #243
  • Update API calls that the agent makes to Kibana when running the container command. #253
  • Fix diagnostics collect log names on Windows machines. The command now ignores failures. AgentID is included in diagnostics (and diagnostics collect) output. #81 #92 #190 #262