Manage Elastic Agent integrationsedit

The following table shows the main actions you can perform in the Integrations app in Kibana. You can perform some of these actions from other places in Kibana, too.

User action Result

Add an Elastic Agent integration to a policy

Configure an integration for a specific use case and add it to an Elastic Agent policy.

View Elastic Agent integration policies

View the integration policies created for a specific integration.

Edit or delete an Elastic Agent integration policy

Change settings or delete the integration policy.

View Elastic Agent integration assets

View the Kibana assets installed for a specific integration.

Upgrade an Elastic Agent integration

Upgrade an integration to the latest version.

Uninstall an Elastic Agent integration

Remove an integration and its assets from Kibana.

The Integrations app in Kibana needs access to the public Elastic Package Registry to discover integrations. If your deployment has network restrictions, you can deploy your own self-managed Elastic Package Registry.