Configure inputs for standalone Elastic Agentsedit

Running Elastic Agent in standalone mode is an advanced use case. The documentation is incomplete and not yet mature. When possible, we recommend using Fleet-managed agents instead of standalone mode.

The inputs section of the elastic-agent.yml file specifies how Elastic Agent locates and processes input data.

By default Elastic Agent collects system metrics, such as CPU, memory, network, and file system metrics, and sends them to the default output. For example:

  - type: system/metrics
    data_stream.namespace: default
    use_output: default
      - metricset: cpu
        data_stream.dataset: system.cpu
      - metricset: memory
        data_stream.dataset: system.memory
      - metricset: network
      - metricset: filesystem
        data_stream.dataset: system.filesystem

If use_output is not specified, the default output is used.