Configure outputs for standalone Elastic Agentsedit

The outputs section of the elastic-agent.yml file specifies where to send data. You can specify multiple outputs to pair specific inputs with specific outputs.

This example configures two outputs: default and monitoring:

    type: elasticsearch
    hosts: []
    username: elastic
    password: changeme

    type: elasticsearch
    api_key: VuaCfGcBCdbkQm-e5aOx:ui2lp2axTNmsyakw9tvNnw
    hosts: ["localhost:9200"]
    ca_sha256: "7lHLiyp4J8m9kw38SJ7SURJP4bXRZv/BNxyyXkCcE/M="

Notice that they use different authentication methods. The first one uses a username and password pair, and the second one contains an API key.

A default output configuration is required.

Elastic Agent currently supports these outputs: