Fleet and Elastic Agent 7.13.0edit

Review important information about the Fleet and Elastic Agent 7.13.x releases.

Breaking changesedit

Breaking changes can prevent your application from optimal operation and performance. Before you upgrade, review the breaking changes, then mitigate the impact to your application.

Remove Elastic Agent routes and related services from Kibana and implement them in Fleet Server

Elastic Agents now use the Fleet Server to enroll agents, get agent policies, collect status information, and more. For more information, refer to #97206.

To run and manage Elastic Agents, use the Fleet Server instead of Kibana. For more information, refer to Fleet Server.

Invalidate API keys for existing agents

The existing agents in Kibana are not migrated as part of the migration to Fleet. For more information, refer to #95789.

The existing agent API keys are invalidated and display as Inactive on the Agents page.

Known issuesedit

fleet_enroll role and user no longer needed and should be removed


The fleet_enroll role and user are no longer needed for central management of Elastic Agents in Kibana.

If the role and user were set up in a previous release, remove them now to avoid them being orphaned in the cluster. #98745

Elastic Agents unenrolling from a self-managed Fleet Server hang at "Updating" and API keys are not invalidated


In Kibana, when you unenroll an Elastic Agent from a self-managed Fleet Server, the status may hang at "Updating". This problem only occurs with Elastic Agents connecting to a Fleet Server started with a service token.

You must do a force unenroll to remove the Elastic Agent and invalidate the API keys, or unenrollment hangs indefinitely. #380


  • Hide Fleet Server policies in standalone agent instructions #98787
  • Adds troubleshooting link to setup instructions #98531
  • Adds ability to specify which integration variables should be configurable #97163
  • Configure Fleet packages and integrations through endpoint #94509
  • Adds submitOnBlur functionality to QueryStringInput #93819

Bug fixesedit

  • Correctly parse falsy YAML fields in agent policy integrations #95966
  • Match telemetry key names to UI agent states #95567
  • Ignore inactive agents when removing a policy #94311
  • Correctly track install status of an integration #93464
  • Fix default integration name when adding 10+ names #93278
  • Prevent duplicate enrollment token names #92735
  • Set all keyword and text fields for index.query.default_field index template setting #91791