8.4.2 release notesedit

Users of App Search and Workplace Search should not use Elastic version 8.4.2 due to a known issue in Elasticsearch that impacts the search APIs for the App Search and Workplace Search products. See Known issues. Users of these products should instead upgrade to version 8.4.3, when it is available.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixed a bug that disabled precision tuning on an Elasticsearch index engine unless an enum subfield was configured—in addition to prefix, delimiter, joined and stem.
  • Fixed a permissions sync for Confluence Cloud items with more than 1024 permissions.
  • Fixed a bug in the SharePoint Online connector where failing to retrieve a site would raise an error rather than log a warning and move on.

Known issuesedit

  • Search API requests for App Search and Workplace Search are returning the following error: totalTermFreq must be at least docFreq. The error is caused by a known issue in Elasticsearch 8.4.2. The forthcoming 8.4.3 release is expected to fix this issue.
  • The Elastic web crawler does not currently respect a crawl schedule, when configured. Crawls must be manually triggered in the UI.