8.14.0 release notes


8.14.0 release notesedit

Upgrading to Enterprise Search 8.14.0? See Upgrading and migrating.

New featuresedit


  • The following connectors are now generally available:

  • The Elastic data extraction service repository is now public. Use the service to extract data and metadata from binary documents.
  • The GitHub connector now supports Github App authentication.
  • The Sharepoint Server connector now supports incremental sync.
  • The Connector APIs are now in beta.

  • Improved error handling when batching operations to send to Elasticsearch.
  • Improved and increased the number of counters written to the logs after each sync, to facilitate debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Connector sync jobs now log more counters at their conclusion.
  • The connector service tries to apply Settings and Mapping if the index is created programmatically using Connectors APIs or Elasticsearch APIs.
  • The Connectors CLI command ./bin/connectors index list shows all all open indices.

Bug fixesedit

  • Updated the queries in PostgreSQL connector to support primary key column name with uppercase letters. This caused UndefinedColumnError errors.
  • The GitHub connector now raises 403 errors as ForbiddenException. Previously, the connector skipped the 403 status code.

Known issuesedit

  • Enterprise Search: Enterprise Search nodes in Elastic Cloud may be erroneously removed from deployments. See Enterprise Search service: Native Connectors for details.
  • Sharepoint Online connector: When a document is deleted in an incremental sync, the UI counter is not updated. The counter is only updated for full syncs. (Note this does not occur for other connectors.)