8.10.0 release notesedit

Upgrading to Enterprise Search 8.10.0? See Upgrading and migrating.

New featuresedit

  • Use our new Elasticsearch Synonyms APIs (beta) to define and manage synonyms programmatically. Use these APIs to dynamically update synonyms sets used at search time. Learn more about searching with synonyms.

    This API provides an alternative to:

    • Defining inline synonyms in an analyzer definition
    • Using synonyms files
  • Use our new Elasticsearch Query Rules APIs (tech preview) to customize search results. Get started with query rules in 8.10.0 by pinning documents when defined criteria are met.

    • Introduces a new rule_query available in _search
    • If a query matches one or more rules in the ruleset, the query is re-written to apply the rules before searching
  • We have added a number of new self-managed connector clients to our connector offering:

  • We have also expanded our native connector catalog available on Elastic Cloud:

  • The following connectors are now generally available (GA):

  • We added document-level security (DLS) support for the following connectors:

  • We added advanced sync rules for the following connectors, which enables remote filtering before syncing to Elasticsearch:

  • The SharePoint Online connector now populates webUrl for Site Pages and List Item Attachments.
  • We have simplified the connectors YAML config file (config.yml).

    • Simply omit any values to use the Elastic default.
    • Configure multiple connectors at once, including individual API keys for each connector.
  • You can now schedule multiple crawls with different configurations in the Kibana UI:

    • Granularly override the default scheduling configuration for complex scheduling needs.
    • No need to rely on the programmatic approach that required changing the connector configuration document
  • We made a number of machine learning inference pipeline UX improvements:

    • An improved developer experience for adding ELSER to your indices, with supporting documentation updates
    • New informational reminders to create a dense vector mapping when necessary
  • We have improved the onboarding experience for the Search solution.

    • We revamped the Overview page and navigation
    • We have clarified our navigation to direct Enterprise Search users to the App Search and Workplace Search products, with other capabilities grouped under Search
    • We updated the usability of our Get started and Index via API flows
  • As of 8.10 new self-managed connector clients are available to use on Elastic deployments without needing the Enterprise Search service. Enterprise Search is still required for native connectors in Elastic Cloud. Refer to Known issues for information about upgrading to Elastic 8.10 with existing connectors.

    • In the future, you may still need to run Enterprise Search for the purpose of migrations or upgrades.

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixed an issue where the Sharepoint Online connector deleted/reingested site pages with new ids with each sync.

Known issuesedit

  • As of 8.10, new self-managed connector clients are available to use on Elastic deployments without needing the Enterprise Search service.

    • However, you will need to run Enterprise Search once to migrate connector clients when upgrading to 8.10 or later, if you have existing connectors from versions earlier than 8.9.

      Some points to note about this migration:

      • This involves updating system indices that store configuration and sync history for your connectors.
      • This is an in-place operation, meaning no temporary or backup indices will be created.
      • Therefore, it is important to take a snapshot of the Elasticsearch cluster before upgrading— in the unlikely event of an index migration failure.

        If you have trouble with this migration, please contact support.

    • To run connector clients your self-deployed connector service version must match your Elasticsearch version. For example, if you’re running Elasticsearch 8.10.1, your connector service should be version 8.10.1.x. Elastic does not support deployments running mismatched versions (except during upgrades).