7.8.0 Release Notesedit

Upgrading to Enterprise Search 7.8.0? See Upgrading & migrating.

Enterprise Searchedit

Breaking Changesedit

  • To run Enterprise Search 7.8, you must enable the Elasticsearch API key service. The key service is enabled automatically when you configure Elasticsearch to use TLS on the HTTP interface. Alternatively, enable the key service in your Enterprise Search configuration: add xpack.security.authc.api_key.enabled: true to your config/elasticsearch.yml file.

App Searchedit

New Featuresedit

  • App Search 7.8 improves the documents view within the App Search dashboard. Administrators can search, sort, and filter content as it is ingested. Validate data directly with the documents viewer inside the App Search dashboard without having to switch between screens. This feature is available on self-managed and Elastic Cloud deployments of App Search using Basic, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise licenses.

Workplace Searchedit

New Featuresedit

  • Document level permissions are now available when using elasticsearch-saml.
  • Search results display file type thumbnails. Perhaps these will be even richer in the near future…​
  • Click, query, and event data are available and compliant with the Elastic Common Schema.

Bug Fixesedit

  • Improved stability of the Google Drive Connector.
  • Jira Cloud & Server will update new stories again.
  • A client_id is now required on API calls.
  • General performance fixes and stability improvements.

Known Issuesedit

  • Deleting an external identity in Enterprise Search 7.8.0 does not remove the permissions granted to the linked Workplace Search user. To prevent the user from searching the corresponding content source, an admin must stop sharing the content source with the Workplace Search user. The forthcoming Enterprise Search 7.8.1 release fixes this issue.