7.7.0 Release Notesedit

Enterprise Searchedit

  • The first generally available version of the Enterprise Search solution including a new Enterprise Search Home section within the UI allowing administrative users to choose which product they want to use.
  • A new set of public APIs added allowing operators to check the health and collect monitoring information (metrics) of a deployment.
  • Migration/upgrade code has been changed to provide detailed progress information in the logs making it easier to understand how long an upgrade may take.
  • Embedded filebeat has been upgraded to 7.6.0.

App Searchedit

New Featuresedit

  • First version of App Search shipped with the combined Enterprise Search solution.
  • Added support for automatic migrations from legacy App Search deployments running versions up to 7.6.x to Enterprise Search 7.7. For more information on the upgrade process, see Upgrading & migrating.
  • Configurable Limits – this version of App Search allows you to change a number of internal product limits for your deployments of the product. Those limits include maximum document size, the limit on the number of fields per engine, full-text query size limits and many others. See the config/enterprise-search.yml configuration file for the full list of configurable limits and their default values.
  • Telemetry is now enabled by default and can be configured via the config file.

Breaking Changesedit

  • API and Analytics logs and indexes now use ECS-compatible schema by default.
  • All underlying index names for App Search have changed (index prefix has been changed to .ent-search)
  • Clickthrough analytics tags now have the same limit as analytics tags for search.

Bug Fixesedit

  • Multiple improvements in read-only mode support, including an ability to perform migrations while in read-only mode and a new UI component notifying users about the read-only mode and its limitations.
  • Long-running App Search version upgrades had a small chance of failing due to static timeouts on the upgrade process.

Workplace Searchedit

New Featuresedit

  • Workplace Search is now generally available and is shipped with the combined Enterprise Search solution.
  • Introduction of Search API endpoints, which provides a programmatic interface for authenticated querying
  • Document-level permission support for the Google Drive source