Release Notesedit

8.5.0 Release Notesedit

Client is compatible with Elastic Enterprise Search 8.5.0

8.4.0 Release Notesedit


  • Added the app_search.search_es_search API method.


  • Changed URL parsing to use default ports for http and https schemes instead of raising an error.

8.3.0 Release Notesedit


  • Added the current_page parameter to many APIs that support pagination.
  • Added the app_search.multi_search API for v8.x
  • Added the enterprise_search.get_search_engines API


  • Fixed the overrides parameter of the app_search.get_top_queries_analytics and create_crawler_crawl_request APIs


  • Removed unused created_at parameters for various create_* APIs. These parameters weren’t used by the server and were only generated due to issues with the API specification.

8.2.0 Release Notesedit


  • Added AsyncAppSearch, AsyncEnterpriseSearch, and AsyncWorkplaceSearch clients which have async API methods.
  • Added the top-level .options() method to all client classes for modifying options per request.
  • Added parameters for JSON request body fields for all APIs
  • Added basic_auth parameter for specifying username and password authentication.
  • Added bearer_auth parameter for specifying authentication with HTTP Bearer tokens.
  • Added the meta property to ApiError and subclasses to access the HTTP response metadata of an error.
  • Added a check that a compatible version of elastic-transport package is installed.


  • Changed responses to be objects with two properties, meta for response metadata (HTTP status, headers, node, etc) and body for the raw deserialized body object.


  • Removed support for Python 2.7 and Python 3.5. The package now requires Python 3.6 or higher.
  • Removed the default URL of http://localhost:3002. The URL must now be specified explicitly, including scheme and port.
  • Removed the ability to use positional arguments with API methods. Going forward all API parameters must be specified as keyword parameters.


  • Deprecated the body and params parameters for all API methods.
  • Deprecated setting transport options http_auth, ignore, request_timeout, and headers in API methods. All of these settings should be set via the .options() method instead.