Enroll Kibana APIedit

Enables a Kibana instance to configure itself for communication with a secured Elasticsearch cluster.

This API is currently intended for internal use only by Kibana.


GET /_security/enroll/kibana


Kibana uses this API internally to configure itself for communications with an Elasticsearch cluster that already has security features enabled.


The following example shows how to enroll a Kibana instance.

GET /_security/enroll/kibana

The API returns the following response:

  "password" : "longsecurepassword", 
  "http_ca" : "MIIJlAIBAzCCCVoGCSqGSIb3....vsDfsA3UZBAjEPfhubpQysAICCAA=", 

The password for the kibana_system user.

The CA certificate used to sign the node certificates that Elasticsearch uses for TLS on the HTTP layer. The certificate is returned as a Base64 encoded string of the ASN.1 DER encoding of the certificate.