Start trial APIedit

Starts a 30-day trial.


POST /_license/start_trial


The start trial API enables you to start a 30-day trial, which gives access to all subscription features.

You are allowed to initiate a trial only if your cluster has not already activated a trial for the current major product version. For example, if you have already activated a trial for v6.0, you cannot start a new trial until v7.0. You can, however, request an extended trial at

To check the status of your trial, use Get trial status.

For more information about features and subscriptions, see


You must have manage cluster privileges to use this API. For more information, see Security privileges.


The following example starts a 30-day trial. The acknowledge parameter is required as you are initiating a license that will expire.

response = client.license.post_start_trial(
  acknowledge: true
puts response
POST /_license/start_trial?acknowledge=true

Example response:

  "trial_was_started": true,
  "acknowledged": true