What’s new in 8.2edit

Here are the highlights of what’s new and improved in Elasticsearch 8.2!

Other versions:

8.1 | 8.0

Integrate filtering support for approximate nearest neighbor searchedit

The _knn_search endpoint now has a "filter" option that allows to return only the nearest documents that satisfy the provided filter.

NLP latency and throughput statsedit

New statistics are available for the NLP inference to show how quickly it is working. The three new statistics are:

  • peak_throughput_per_minute
  • throughput_last_minute
  • average_inference_time_ms_last_minute

The aim is to provide an indication of whether inference is currently keeping up with requirements or the cluster needs to be scaled up to meet demand. The statistics for the last minute give quick feedback to show the effect of scaling the machine learning nodes.

Random sampler aggregationedit

With the new random sampler aggregation, in technical preview, developers can exponentially accelerate their aggregations for calculations, with a slight trade off in accuracy, by randomly sampling documents in a statistically robust manner. The random sampler aggregation can be used to accelerate any application that utilizes aggregations for calculations.