ES|QL task managementedit

You can list running ES|QL queries with the task management API:

response = client.tasks.list(
  pretty: true,
  detailed: true,
  group_by: 'parents',
  human: true,
  actions: '*data/read/esql'
puts response
GET /_tasks?pretty&detailed&group_by=parents&human&actions=*data/read/esql

Which returns a list of statuses like this:

  "node" : "2j8UKw1bRO283PMwDugNNg",
  "id" : 5326,
  "type" : "transport",
  "action" : "indices:data/read/esql",
  "description" : "FROM test | STATS MAX(d) by a, b",  
  "start_time" : "2023-07-31T15:46:32.328Z",
  "start_time_in_millis" : 1690818392328,
  "running_time" : "41.7ms",                           
  "running_time_in_nanos" : 41770830,
  "cancellable" : true,
  "cancelled" : false,
  "headers" : { }

The user submitted query.

Time the query has been running.

You can use this to find long running queries and, if you need to, cancel them with the task cancellation API:

response = client.tasks.cancel(
  task_id: '2j8UKw1bRO283PMwDugNNg:5326'
puts response
POST _tasks/2j8UKw1bRO283PMwDugNNg:5326/_cancel

It may take a few seconds for the query to be stopped.