Index management settingsedit

You can configure these index settings in the elasticsearch.yml file.

action.auto_create_index logo cloud
Automatically create an index if it doesn’t already exist and apply any configured index templates. Default: true.
action.destructive_requires_name logo cloud
When set to true, you must specify the index name to delete an index. It is not possible to delete all indices with _all or use wildcards.
cluster.indices.close.enable logo cloud

Enables closing of open indices in Elasticsearch. If false, you cannot close open indices. Defaults to true.

Closed indices still consume a significant amount of disk space.

reindex.remote.whitelist logo cloud
Specifies the hosts that can be reindexed from remotely. Expects a YAML array of host:port strings. Consists of a comma-delimited list of host:port entries. Defaults to ["\*.io:*", "\*.com:*"].