Upgrade Elasticsearchedit

Elasticsearch can usually be upgraded using a Rolling upgrade process so upgrading does not interrupt service. Rolling upgrades are supported:

  • Between minor versions
  • From 5.6 to 6.8
  • From 6.8 to 7.16.0

For rolling upgrades between major versions (e.g., 5.6 to 6.8), we recommend using the Kibana Upgrade Assistant.

The upgrade assistant identifies deprecated settings in your cluster and guides you through the process of resolving issues, including reindexing.

We also recommend checking your deprecation logs for any other functionality that may have changed.

The following table shows the recommended upgrade paths to 7.16.0.

Upgrade from Recommended upgrade path to 7.16.0


Rolling upgrade to 7.16.0


Rolling upgrade to 7.16.0


  1. Rolling upgrade to 6.8
  2. Rolling upgrade to 7.16.0


  1. Rolling upgrade to 6.8
  2. Rolling upgrade to 7.16.0


The upgrade path from 6.8 to 7.0 is not supported (both full cluster restart and rolling upgrade).

To upgrade directly to 7.16.0 from 6.7 or earlier, you must shut down the cluster, install 7.16.0, and restart. For more information, see Full cluster restart upgrade.

In-place downgrades to earlier versions are not supported. To downgrade to an earlier version, restore a snapshot taken prior to the version upgrade.

Elasticsearch can read indices created in the previous major version. If you have indices created in 5.x or before, you must reindex or delete them before upgrading to 7.16.0. Elasticsearch nodes will fail to start if incompatible indices are present. Snapshots of 5.x or earlier indices cannot be restored to a 7.x cluster even if they were created by a 6.x cluster. For information about upgrading old indices, see Reindex to upgrade.

When upgrading to a new version of Elasticsearch, you need to upgrade each of the products in your Elastic Stack. For more information, see the Elastic Stack Installation and Upgrade Guide.

This documentation is for Elasticsearch version 7.16.0, which is not yet released. You may run a pre-release build of Elasticsearch for testing, and you may upgrade from an earlier released version to a pre-release build of Elasticsearch 7.16.0 if permitted by the compatibility table above, but upgrading from a pre-release build to another build (whether released or not) is unsupported. Upgrading a pre-release build may result in errors or may appear to succeed having silently lost some data. You should discard the contents of a cluster running a pre-release build before using a different build.