Start And Stop ILMedit

All indices that are managed by ILM will continue to execute their policies. There may be times when this is not desired on certain indices, or maybe even all the indices in a cluster. For example, maybe there are scheduled maintenance windows when cluster topology changes are desired that may impact running ILM actions. For this reason, ILM has two ways to disable operations.

Normally, ILM will be running by default. To see the current operating status of ILM, use the Get Status API to see the current state of ILM.

GET _ilm/status

If the request does not encounter errors, you receive the following result:

  "operation_mode": "RUNNING"

The operating modes of ILM:

Table 65. ILM Operating Modes




Normal operation where all policies are executed as normal


ILM has received a request to stop but is still processing some policies


This represents a state where no policies are executed