Elasticsearch 6.5.0edit


Coming in 6.5.0.

Also see 6.5.

Breaking Changesedit

  • Disallow enabled attribute changes for types in mapping updates #33933 (issue: #33566)

Breaking Java Changesedit

  • File-based discovery moved out of the discovery-file plugin and into core Elasticsearch #33241 (issue: #33030)
  • The discovery-file plugin is deprecated. Additionally, the expected location of the hosts file has moved from $ES_PATH_CONF/discovery-file/unicast_hosts.txt to $ES_PATH_CONF/unicast_hosts.txt, and the former location is deprecated. #33241 (issue: #33030)


  • The default merge policy (tiered) used to allow up to 50% of deleted documents per shard, possibly more in the case of a force-merged index. This threshold is now 33%, meaning that deleted documents may only make an index up to about 50% larger than the same index without deleted document, versus 2x previously. Also this threshold now also applies to indices that have been force-merged in the past.