Elasticsearch version 6.4.0edit


Coming in 6.4.0.

New Featuresedit

The new _ignored field allows to know which fields got ignored at index time because of the ignore_malformed option. (#29658)

A new analysis plugin called analysis_nori that exposes the Lucene Korean analysis module. (#30397)


Allow copying source settings on index resize operations (#30255)

  • Add validation that geohashes are not empty and don’t contain unsupported characters (#30376)
  • Validate timezone in range queries to ensure they match the selected job when searching (#30338)

Bug Fixesedit

Use date format in date_range mapping before fallback to default (#29310)

Fix NPE in more_like_this when field has zero tokens (#30365)

Do not ignore request analysis/similarity settings on index resize operations when the source index already contains such settings (#30216)

Fix NPE when CumulativeSum agg encounters null value/empty bucket (#29641)