SQL Accessedit

X-Pack includes a SQL feature to execute SQL queries against Elasticsearch indices and return results in tabular format.

The following chapters aim to cover everything from usage, to syntax and drivers. Experience users or those in a hurry might want to jump directly to the list of SQL commands and functions.

Overview of Elasticsearch SQL and its features.
Getting Started
Start using SQL right away in Elasticsearch.
Concepts and Terminology
Language conventions across SQL and Elasticsearch.
Secure Elasticsearch SQL and Elasticsearch.
Execute SQL in JSON format over REST.
Translate API
Translate SQL in JSON format to Elasticsearch native query.
Command-line application for executing SQL against Elasticsearch.
JDBC driver for Elasticsearch.
ODBC driver for Elasticsearch.
Client Applications
Setup various SQL/BI tools with Elasticsearch SQL.
SQL Language
Overview of the Elasticsearch SQL language, such as supported data types, commands and syntax.
Functions and Operators
List of functions and operators supported.
Elasticsearch SQL current limitations.