Nodes hot_threadsedit

This API yields a breakdown of the hot threads on each selected node in the cluster. Its endpoints are /_nodes/hot_threads and /_nodes/{nodes}/hot_threads:

GET /_nodes/hot_threads
GET /_nodes/nodeId1,nodeId2/hot_threads

The first command gets the hot threads of all the nodes in the cluster. The second command gets the hot threads of only nodeId1 and nodeId2. Nodes can be selected using node filters.

The output is plain text with a breakdown of each node’s top hot threads. The allowed parameters are:


number of hot threads to provide, defaults to 3.


the interval to do the second sampling of threads. Defaults to 500ms.


The type to sample, defaults to cpu, but supports wait and block to see hot threads that are in wait or block state.


If true, known idle threads (e.g. waiting in a socket select, or to get a task from an empty queue) are filtered out. Defaults to true.