Elasticsearch version 6.2.3edit


Deprecated multi-argument versions of the request methods in the RestClient. Prefer the "Request" object flavored methods. (#30315)

A new analysis plugin called analysis_nori that exposes the Lucene Korean analysis module. (#30397)



Allow copying source settings on index resize operations (#30255, #30404)

Added new "Request" object flavored request methods in the RestClient. Prefer these instead of the multi-argument versions. (#29623)

  • Require translogUUID when reading global checkpoint #28587 (issue: #28435) Added setJsonEntity to Request object so it is marginally easier to send JSON. (#30447) Watcher HTTP client used in watches now allows more parallel connections to the same endpoint and evicts long running connections. (#30130)

The cluster state listener to decide if watcher should be stopped/started/paused now runs far less code in an executor but is more synchronous and predictable. Also the trigger engine thread is only started on data nodes. And the Execute Watch API can be triggered regardless is watcher is started or stopped. (#30118)

Added put index template API to the high level rest client (#30400)

Add ability to filter coordinating-only nodes when interacting with cluster APIs. (#30313)

Bug Fixesedit

  • Remove special handling for _all in nodes info #28971 (issue: #28797)
  • Avoid class cast exception from index writer #28989
  • Maybe die before failing engine #28973 (issues: #27265, #28967)
  • Never block on key in LiveVersionMap#pruneTombstones #28736 (issue: #28714)
  • Continue registering pipelines after one pipeline parse failure. #28752 (issue: #28269)
Java High Level REST Client
  • REST high-level client: encode path parts #28663 (issue: #28625)
Machine Learning
  • Aligned reporting of index statistics that exist in the current cluster state. This fix avoids subtle race conditions in stats reporting.
  • Fix percolator query analysis for function_score query #28854
  • Improved percolator’s random candidate query duel test #28840
  • Fixed handling of comments in XML documents [ESA-2018-07].
  • Fixed auditing such that when you use a local audit index, it maintains the mappings automatically. Maintenance is necessary, for example, when new fields are introduced or document types change.
  • Added and changed settings for the SAML NameID policy. For example, added the nameid.allow_create setting and changed the default value for the SPNameQualifier setting to blank. See SAML Authentication.
  • Fixed handling of an Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL with existing query parameters. See SAML Authentication.
  • Fixed the PKI realm bootstrap check such that it works with secure settings. For more information, see Bootstrap Checks for X-Pack.
  • Fix AdaptiveSelectionStats serialization bug #28718 (issue: #28713)
  • Fixed the serialization of failed hipchat messages, such that it no longer tries to write the status field twice.
  • Fixed TransformInput toXContent serialization errors. For more information, see Transforming chained input data.
Auto-expand replicas when adding or removing nodes to prevent shard copies from being dropped and resynced when a data node rejoins the cluster (#30423)