Elasticsearch version 6.0.0-rc1edit

Breaking Changesedit

  • Configure heap dump path out of the box #26755 (issue: #26665)
Query DSL
  • Remove deprecated type and slop field in match query #26720
  • Remove several parse field deprecations in query builders #26711
  • Remove deprecated parameters from ids_query #26508


  • Plugins: Add backcompat for sha1 checksums #26748 (issue: #26746)
  • The xpack.security.authc.token.passphrase is deprecated. If this setting is not used, the cluster automatically generates a key, which is the recommended method. See Security settings.


  • Allow InputStreamStreamInput array size validation where applicable #26692
  • Refactor bootstrap check results and error messages #26637
  • Add BootstrapContext to expose settings and recovered state to bootstrap checks #26628
  • Unit testable index creation task on MetaDataCreateIndexService #25961
  • Allow plugins to validate cluster-state on join #26595
  • More efficient encoding of range fields. #26470 (issue: #26443)
Plugin Repository HDFS
  • Add permission checks before reading from HDFS stream #26716 (issue: #26714)
  • Introduce a History UUID as a requirement for ops based recovery #26577 (issue: #10708)
  • Added requirement for TLS/SSL when a cluster with security is running in production. If you try to upgrade to a production license when security is enabled, the upgrade is not successful until you configure TLS. For more information, see Setting Up SSL/TLS on a Cluster.
  • Added bootstrap check that enforces the use of TLS when security is enabled and you are using a production license.
  • ScriptService: Replace max compilation per minute setting with max compilation rate #26399
  • Add soft limit on allowed number of script fields in request #26598 (issue: #26390)
  • Add a soft limit for the number of requested doc-value fields #26574 (issue: #26390)
Sequence IDs

Bug Fixesedit

  • Do not delegate a null scorer to LeafBucketCollectors #26747 (issue: #26611)
  • Fix cache compute if absent for expired entries #26516
  • Fix percolator highlight sub fetch phase to not highlight query twice #26622
Inner Hits
  • Do not allow inner hits that fetch _source and have a non nested object field as parent #25749 (issue: #25315)
  • IndexShard.routingEntry should only be updated once all internal state is ready #26776
  • Catch exceptions and inform handler in RemoteClusterConnection#collectNodes #26725 (issue: #26700)
  • Internal: Add versionless alias for rest client codebase in policy files #26521
Java API
  • BulkProcessor flush runnable preserves the thread context from creation time #26718 (issue: #26596)
Java High Level REST Client
  • Make RestHighLevelClient’s Request class public #26627 (issue: #26455)
  • Forbid direct usage of ContentType.create() methods #26457 (issues: #22769, #26438)
Java REST Client
  • Better message text for ResponseException #26564
Machine Learning
  • Fixed problem with dropped or duplicated data when datafeeds used aggregations.
  • Fixed problems when model plot is enabled and there are sparse metrics.
  • Improved modeling of long-term trends.
  • Fixed a bug in calculation of mean values for seasonal components.
  • Added more accurate adherence to model memory limit.
  • Allow copying from a field to another field that belongs to the same nested object. #26774 (issue: #26763)
  • Fixed the email message when cluster license expiration issues are resolved.
Plugin Analysis Kuromoji
Plugin Discovery File
  • Fix discovery-file plugin to use custom config path #26662 (issue: #26660)
Plugin Repository Azure
  • Azure snapshots can not be restored anymore #26778 (issues: #22858, #26751, #26777)
  • Snapshot : azure module - accelerate the listing of files (used in delete snapshot) #25710 (issue: #25424)
Plugin Repository HDFS
  • Add Log4j to SLF4J binding for repository-hdfs #26514 (issue: #26512)
Query DSL
  • Fixed incomplete JSON body on count request making org.elasticsearch.rest.action.RestActions#parseTopLevelQueryBuilder go into endless loop #26680 (issue: #26083)
  • Fail query when a sort is provided in conjunction with rescorers #26510
  • Let search phases override max concurrent requests #26484 (issue: #26198)
  • Added ability infer the keystore type from its pathname when the type is not specified.
  • Added usability improvements for the password bootstrap tool. For more information, see elasticsearch-setup-passwords.
  • Add boolean similarity to built in similarity types #26613
Upgrade API
  • Upgrade API: fix excessive logging and unnecessary template updates #26698 (issue: #26673)
  • Fixed Watcher such that it loads only active watches.


  • Upgrade to Lucene 7.0.0 #26744
  • Upgrade to lucene-7.0.0-snapshot-d94a5f0. #26441