Elasticsearch X-Pack version 6.1.2

Bug Fixes

Machine Learning
  • Fixed the removal of tokens during categorization, where the tokens were incorrectly deemed to be hexadecimal numbers. For more information, see Categorizing log messages.
  • Reduced the sensitivity of the analysis to small perturbations in the input data.
  • Disabled the ability to create forecasts for jobs that were created before 6.1.0.
  • Added a cluster_alerts.management.blacklist setting for HTTP Exporters, which you can use to block the creation of specific cluster alerts. For more information, see Monitoring Settings.
  • Fixed an issue in the Active Directory realm when following referrals that resulted in an increase in the number of connections made to Active Directory.
  • Fixed exception that occurred when using auditing and transport clients. In particular, the problem occurred when the number of processors on the transport client did not match the number of processors on the server.
  • Ensured that TLS is not required to install a license if you are using single-node discovery. For more information, see Single-node discovery and Setting up TLS on a Cluster.
  • Fixed the has_privileges API. In particular, the has_all_requested field in the API results was not taking cluster privileges into consideration.
  • Fixed encoding of UTF-8 data in the HTTP client.