Plugins changesedit

Mapper attachments pluginedit

  • The mapper attachments plugin has been deprecated in elasticsearch 5.0 and is now removed. You can use ingest attachment plugin instead.

S3 Repository pluginedit

  • The bucket an s3 repository is configured with will no longer be created automatically. It must exist before the s3 repository is created.
  • Support for specifying s3 credentials through environment variables and system properties has been removed. Use the elasticsearch-keystore tool to securely store the credentials.
  • Specifying region has been removed. This includes the settings,, repositories.s3.region, and specifying region inside the repository settings. Instead, specify the full endpoint if a custom s3 location is needed, or rely on the default behavior which automatically locates the region of the configured bucket.
  • Specifying s3 signer type has been removed, including and
  • Global repositories settings have been removed. This includes repositories.s3.bucket, repositories.s3.server_side_encryption, repositories.s3.buffer_size, repositories.s3.max_retries, repositories.s3.use_throttle_retries, repositories.s3.chunk_size, repositories.s3.compress, repositories.s3.storage_class, repositories.s3.canned_acl, repositories.s3.base_path, and repositories.s3.path_style_access. Instead, these settings should be set directly in the settings per repository. See S3 Repository settings.
  • Shared client settings have been removed. This includes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, repositories.s3.access_key, repositories.s3.secret_key, repositories.s3.endpoint and repositories.s3.protocol. Instead, use the new named client settings under s3.client.CLIENT_NAME.*.
  • The path_style_access setting has been removed. The repository will use the appropriate path style access based on the configured endpoint.

Azure Repository pluginedit

  • The container an azure repository is configured with will no longer be created automatically. It must exist before the azure repository is created.
  • Global repositories settings you are able to set in elasticsearch config file under name space have been removed. This includes,,,, and You must set those settings per repository instead. Respectively account, container, base_path, location_mode, chunk_size and compress. See Azure Repository settings.

GCS Repository pluginedit

  • The service_account setting has been removed. A service account json credential file must now be specified in the elasticsearch keystore.

EC2 Discovery pluginedit

  • Specifying ec2 signer type has been removed, including and
  • The region setting has been removed. This includes the settings and Instead, specify the full endpoint.
  • All* and* settings have been removed. Use discovery.ec2.* settings instead.

Ignoring hidden foldersedit

Previous versions of Elasticsearch would skip hidden files and directories when scanning the plugins folder. This leniency has been removed.

ICU Analysis pluginedit

The icu4j library has been upgraded to 59.1, Indices created in the previous major version will need to be reindexed in order to return correct (and correctly ordered) results, and to take advantage of new characters.

Plugins should not construct Environment instances from Settingsedit

Previously, plugins could construct an Environment instance from Settings to discover the path to plugin-specific config files. This will no longer work in all situations as the Settings object does not carry the necessary information for the config path to be set correctly. Instead, plugins that need to know the config path should have a single constructor that accepts a pair of Settings and Path instances, and construct an Environment using the corresponding constructor on Environment.