CAT API changesedit

Use Accept header for specifying response media typeedit

Previous versions of Elasticsearch accepted the Content-type header field for controlling the media type of the response in the cat API. This is in opposition to the HTTP spec which specifies the Accept header field for this purpose. Elasticsearch now uses the Accept header field and support for using the Content-Type header field for this purpose has been removed.

Host field removed from the cat nodes APIedit

The host field has been removed from the cat nodes API as its value is always equal to the ip field. The name field is available in the cat nodes API and should be used instead of the host field.

Changes to cat recovery APIedit

The fields bytes_recovered and files_recovered have been added to the cat recovery API. These fields, respectively, indicate the total number of bytes and files that have been recovered.

The fields total_files and total_bytes have been renamed to files_total and bytes_total, respectively.

Additionally, the field translog has been renamed to translog_ops_recovered, the field translog_total to translog_ops and the field translog_percent to translog_ops_percent. The short aliases for these fields are tor, to, and top, respectively.

Changes to cat nodes APIedit

The cat nodes endpoint returns m for master eligible, d for data, and i for ingest. A node with no explicit roles will be a coordinating only node and marked with -. A node can have multiple roles. The master column has been adapted to return only whether a node is the current master (*) or not (-).

Changes to cat field data APIedit

The cat field data endpoint adds a row per field instead of a column per field.

The total field has been removed from the field data API. Total field data usage per node can be got by cat nodes API.