More Like This APIedit

Deprecated in 1.6.0.

The More Like This API will be removed in 2.0, instead use the More Like This Query

The more like this (mlt) API allows to get documents that are "like" a specified document. Here is an example:

$ curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/twitter/tweet/1/_mlt?mlt_fields=tag,content&min_doc_freq=1'

The API simply results in executing a search request with moreLikeThis query (http parameters match the parameters to the more_like_this query). This means that the body of the request can optionally include all the request body options in the search API (aggs, from/to and so on). Internally, the more like this API is equivalent to performing a boolean query of more_like_this_field queries, with one query per specified mlt_fields.

Rest parameters relating to search are also allowed, including search_type, search_indices, search_types, search_scroll, search_size and search_from.

When no mlt_fields are specified, all the fields of the document will be used in the more_like_this query generated.

By default, the queried document is excluded from the response (include set to false).

Note: In order to use the mlt feature a mlt_field needs to be either be stored, store term_vector or source needs to be enabled.