Cluster APIsedit

Node specificationedit

Most cluster level APIs allow to specify which nodes to execute on (for example, getting the node stats for a node). Nodes can be identified in the APIs either using their internal node id, the node name, address, custom attributes, or just the _local node receiving the request. For example, here are some sample executions of nodes info:

# Local
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/_local
# Address
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/,
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/10.0.0.*
# Names
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/node_name_goes_here
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/node_name_goes_*
# Attributes (set something like node.rack: 2 in the config)
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/rack:2
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/ra*:2
curl localhost:9200/_nodes/ra*:2*