More Like This APIedit

The more like this (mlt) API allows to get documents that are "like" a specified document. Here is an example:

$ curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/twitter/tweet/1/_mlt?mlt_fields=tag,content&min_doc_freq=1'

The API simply results in executing a search request with moreLikeThis query (http parameters match the parameters to the more_like_this query). This means that the body of the request can optionally include all the request body options in the search API (facets, from/to and so on).

Rest parameters relating to search are also allowed, including search_type, search_indices, search_types, search_scroll, search_size and search_from.

When no mlt_fields are specified, all the fields of the document will be used in the more_like_this query generated.

Note: In order to use the mlt feature a mlt_field needs to be either be stored, store term_vector or source needs to be enabled.