Custom Filters Score Queryedit


Deprecated in 0.90.4.

Replaced by Function Score Query.

A custom_filters_score query allows to execute a query, and if the hit matches a provided filter (ordered), use either a boost or a script associated with it to compute the score. Here is an example:

    "custom_filters_score" : {
        "query" : {
            "match_all" : {}
        "filters" : [
                "filter" : { "range" : { "age" : {"from" : 0, "to" : 10} } },
                "boost" : "3"
                "filter" : { "range" : { "age" : {"from" : 10, "to" : 20} } },
                "boost" : "2"
        "score_mode" : "first"

This can considerably simplify and increase performance for parameterized based scoring since filters are easily cached for faster performance, and boosting / script is considerably simpler.

Score Modeedit

A score_mode can be defined to control how multiple matching filters control the score. By default, it is set to first which means the first matching filter will control the score of the result. It can also be set to min/max/total/avg/multiply which will aggregate the result from all matching filters based on the aggregation type.


An option to cap the boost value computed.


A script can be used instead of boost for more complex score calculations. With optional params and lang (on the same level as query and filters).

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