Shared FS Gatewayedit

The shared FS gateway is deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Please use the local gateway instead.

The file system based gateway stores the cluster meta data and indices in a shared file system. Note, since it is a distributed system, the file system should be shared between all different nodes. Here is an example config to enable it:

    type: fs


The location where the gateway stores the cluster state can be set using the gateway.fs.location setting. By default, it will be stored under the work directory. Note, the work directory is considered a temporal directory with ElasticSearch (meaning it is safe to rm -rf it), the default location of the persistent gateway in work intentional, it should be changed.

When explicitly specifying the gateway.fs.location, each node will append its to the provided location. It means that the location provided can safely support several clusters.


The gateway.fs.concurrent_streams allow to throttle the number of streams (per node) opened against the shared gateway performing the snapshot operation. It defaults to 5.