Indices Statsedit

Indices level stats provide statistics on different operations happening on an index. The API provides statistics on the index level scope (though most stats can also be retrieved using node level scope).

The following returns high level aggregation and index level stats for all indices:

curl localhost:9200/_stats

Specific index stats can be retrieved using:

curl localhost:9200/index1,index2/_stats

By default, docs, store, and indexing, get, and search stats are returned, other stats can be enabled as well:


The number of docs / deleted docs (docs not yet merged out). Note, affected by refreshing the index.


The size of the index.


Indexing statistics, can be combined with a comma separated list of types to provide document type level stats.


Get statistics, including missing stats.


Search statistics. You can include statistics for custom groups by adding an extra groups parameter (search operations can be associated with one or more groups). The groups parameter accepts a comma separated list of group names. Use _all to return statistics for all groups.


Warmer statistics.


Merge statistics.


Fielddata statistics.


Flush statistics.


Completion suggest statistics.


Refresh statistics.


Clears all the flags (first).

Some statistics allow per field granularity which accepts a list comma-separated list of included fields. By default all fields are included:


List of fields to be included in the statistics. This is used as the default list unless a more specific field list is provided (see below).


List of fields to be included in the Completion Suggest statistics


List of fields to be included in the Fielddata statistics

Here are some samples:

# Get back stats for merge and refresh on top of the defaults
curl 'localhost:9200/_stats?merge=true&refresh=true'
# Get back stats just for flush
curl 'localhost:9200/_stats?clear=true&flush=true'
# Get back stats for type1 and type2 documents for the my_index index
curl 'localhost:9200/my_index/_stats?clear=true&indexing=true&types=type1,type2
# Get back just search stats for group1 and group2
curl 'localhost:9200/_stats?clear=true&search=true&groups=group1,group2

The stats returned are aggregated on the index level, with primaries and total aggregations. In order to get back shard level stats, set the level parameter to shards.

Note, as shards move around the cluster, their stats will be cleared as they are created on other nodes. On the other hand, even though a shard "left" a node, that node will still retain the stats that shard contributed to.

Specific stats endpointsedit

Instead of using flags to indicate which stats to return, specific REST endpoints can be used, for example:

# Merge stats across all indices
curl localhost:9200/_stats/merge
# Merge stats for the my_index index
curl localhost:9200/my_index/_stats/merge
# Indexing stats for my_index
curl localhost:9200/my_index/_stats/indexing
# Indexing stats for my_index for my_type1 and my_type2
curl localhost:9200/my_index/_stats/indexing/my_type1,my_type2
# Search stats for group1 and group2
curl 'localhost:9200/_stats/search/group1,group2