Field dataedit

The field data cache is used mainly when sorting on or faceting on a field. It loads all the field values to memory in order to provide fast document based access to those values. The field data cache can be expensive to build for a field, so its recommended to have enough memory to allocate it, and to keep it loaded.

From version 0.90 onwards, the amount of memory used for the field data cache can be controlled using indices.fielddata.cache.size. Note: reloading the field data which does not fit into your cache will be expensive and perform poorly.

Setting Description


The max size of the field data cache, eg 30% of node heap space, or an absolute value, eg 12GB. Defaults to unbounded.


A time based setting that expires field data after a certain time of inactivity. Defaults to -1. For example, can be set to 5m for a 5 minute expiry.