Stop Token Filteredit

A token filter of type stop that removes stop words from token streams.

The following are settings that can be set for a stop token filter type:

Setting Description


A list of stop words to use. Defaults to english stop words.


A path (either relative to config location, or absolute) to a stopwords file configuration. Each stop word should be in its own "line" (separated by a line break). The file must be UTF-8 encoded.


Set to true if token positions should record the removed stop words, false otherwise. Defaults to true. [0.90.3] Deprecated in 0.90.3. Removed in Lucene 4.4


Set to true to lower case all words first. Defaults to false.


Set to false in order to not ignore the last term of a search if it is a stop word. This is very useful for the completion suggester as a query like green a can be extended to green apple even though you remove stop words in general. Defaults to true.

stopwords allow for custom language specific expansion of default stopwords. It follows the _lang_ notation and supports: arabic, armenian, basque, brazilian, bulgarian, catalan, czech, danish, dutch, english, finnish, french, galician, german, greek, hindi, hungarian, indonesian, italian, norwegian, persian, portuguese, romanian, russian, spanish, swedish, turkish.