Configuration Propertiesedit

Once installed, define the configuration for the hdfs repository through the REST API:

PUT _snapshot/my_hdfs_repository
  "type": "hdfs",
  "settings": {
    "uri": "hdfs://namenode:8020/",
    "path": "elasticsearch/respositories/my_hdfs_repository",
    "": "true"

The following settings are supported:


The uri address for hdfs. ex: "hdfs://<host>:<port>/". (Required)


The file path within the filesystem where data is stored/loaded. ex: "path/to/file". (Required)


Whether to load the default Hadoop configuration or not. (Enabled by default)


Inlined configuration parameter to be added to Hadoop configuration. (Optional) Only client oriented properties from the hadoop core and hdfs configuration files will be recognized by the plugin.


Whether to compress the metadata or not. (Disabled by default)


Override the chunk size. (Disabled by default)


Kerberos principal to use when connecting to a secured HDFS cluster. If you are using a service principal for your elasticsearch node, you may use the _HOST pattern in the principal name and the plugin will replace the pattern with the hostname of the node at runtime (see Creating the Secure Repository).